Range Type

The list is the mixture of several solutions and allows you to know the usage types of an entire AS and any range in it, if such data is available

The list has the following structure:


AS_FLAG - characteristic of an autonomous system to which a range belongs. These data are based on Hostings List and ISP Lists. For all ranges of one AS the value is the same.
Possible values: 0 - undefined; 1 - Data Center services; 2 - Residential ISP services; 3 - Business ISP services; 4 - Residential and Business ISP services (Mixed); 5 - Mixed + Data Center services; 6 - Business ISP services + Data Center services.

RANGE_FLAG - range characteristic, belonging to a Data Center (DC) services.
Possible values: 0 - undefined; 1 - Data Center services;
A 0 value indicates that a range is not identified for a DC service usage. In this case, a range usage most likely corresponds to one of a remaining AS usage types. For example, if we consider an AS of an organization that provides DC services and Internet access for business customers, then a value of 0 would indicate that a range is most likely used for providing Internet access for business customers.
Note that in a case of a large number of ranges in an ISP of a mixed or business type, many ranges may be associated with business clients who often use them for corporate web hosting, internal server infrastructure and other things.

IS_MOBILE - range characteristic, belonging to a Wireless/Mobile infrastructure (cellular, radio, satellite...).
Possible values: 0 - undefined; 1 - Mobile;

AS_FLAG and RANGE_FLAG are based on different principles and may differ. For this reason the default value is 0 - undefined. Flags do not refute, but complement each other (logical OR).

The list is provided in two versions:
- Version 1: only Data Centers services (AS_FLAG based on Hostings List only (5620 AS count));
- Version 2: all available known services (AS_FLAG based on Hostings List (5620 AS count) and ISP Lists (11080 AS count)).

The list is updated monthly.

PRICES per Year (monthly updates included):
Version 1: 5000 USD
Version 2: 6000 USD