IP Check Service

Dedicated service for checking IP addresses for various violations types.

We monitor and collect various types of violations for each IPv4 address. The service allows you to check any address with a high requests frequency - up to 500 per second, with no limit total requests. Bulk checks are possible - up to 10 addresses in one request.
The service is located on a dedicated server in any Data Center (DC), in any available and suitable location for you.
The service does not require powerful equipment. A simplest dedicated server is enough, with 4 core processor, 8GB RAM and SSD drive. The server is paid apart.

Regular version (version 1) allows you to check for the following types of violations (attributes):
Abuse - all kinds of abuses in the Web and networks (abusive activity, bots and scripts, web spam, forum spam...)
Attack - all kinds of attacks on IPv4 networks. Attacks on any service (web, ssh, mail...), brute force, scanning for vulnerabilities, DOS...
Malware - distribution of malware, botnet members, botnet command&control centers.
Spam - bulk e-mail spam.
Reputation - suspicious IP addresses with a bad reputation. Based on public monitoring and threat detection systems.
Proxy - public proxies seen in suspicious activity. We do not collect private proxies and vpn addresses.
Legit Bot - legit search crawlers, spiders, monitoring bots and so on.
Bot/scraper - heavy web harvesters, parsers, collectors complained about by resource owners.

Extended version 2 additionally checks if an address belongs to a Hosting/DC.

Extended version 3, along with Hosting/DC check, checks whether an address belongs to known Internet Service Provider ranges (ISP) and gives an ISP type (resident, non-resident, mixed).

Edit functions for any attributes are available - set/reset for any type of violation at any address.
There are also custom attributes: an ability to set/reset a value of several pure attributes (initial value is "not set") for any address. This will allow you to enter and register your own IP address attributes.

A public sample of our IP check service (version 1): check-ip-address.com

Version 1: 300 USD monthly.
Version 2: 300 USD monthly + 4000 USD per year for Hosting List (monthly updates included).
Version 3: please contact us for information.
Dedicated server rental is paid apart!