Not Residential Index.html

Contains two metrics that determine our range usage index:
1) For web hosting purposes;
2) For other Data Center (DC) purposes.

Each index is a number from 0 to 100.
A higher index value indicates that more IP addresses are used for DC purposes.
The index value can be roughly correlated with the percentage of use.
There is no fundamental difference between indices, because both show belonging of use for different DC purposes. But such division allows identify a fact of DC use better.

Important notes.
An index value of 0 does not mean that a range is not used (does not apply, is not reserved) for DC purposes. This suggests that our method did not reveal a use for DC purposes.

Also, a non-zero value does not mean that a range belongs to any DC. A range can be used by a business ISP and provided for any corporate purpose, including hosting, dedicated corporate servers, and more. Or it can be a large residential range with static addresses and some home users use them for different purposes (remote control, ftp, etc...).

There is no clear value after which it can be considered that a range belongs to a DC. Of course, a live internet user is unlikely to come from a range where 30 percent is used for data center purposes (index value > 30). According to our observations, this border can pass at the level of 15. But there are exceptions, in case of recently used fresh range or if our method did not reveal the facts of use as DC.

Sample 1:

	758844160;758844415;256;30036;Mediacom Communications Corp;2,15;1,17
	758844416;758844671;256;30036;Mediacom Communications Corp;5,27;0
	758844672;758844927;256;30036;Mediacom Communications Corp;4,1;0,39
	758844928;758845183;256;30036;Mediacom Communications Corp;5,47;0
	758845184;758845439;256;30036;Mediacom Communications Corp;3,12;0,78
	758845440;758845695;256;33182; Inc.;0;0
	758845696;758845951;256;23470; LLC;49,41;0
	758846464;758846719;256;23470; LLC;0;0
	758846720;758846975;256;46261;QuickPacket LLC;0;0
	758846976;758847231;256;33083;AxcelX Technologies LLC;0,2;0
	758847232;758847487;256;23470; LLC;49,41;0
	758847488;758847743;256;60558;Phoenix NAP LLC.;99,61;0
	758847744;758847999;256;46261;QuickPacket LLC;0;0
	758848000;758848255;256;21743;Atlas Networks Corporation;0,2;0
	758848256;758848511;256;9009;M247 Ltd;0;0
	758848768;758849023;256;33083;AxcelX Technologies LLC;0;0
	758849280;758849535;256;33182; Inc.;0;0
	758849536;758853631;4096;6181;Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company LLC;0,6;0,15
	758853632;758857727;4096;16612;Neit Services LLC;0,82;0,15
	758857728;758859775;2048;3800;Talent House Inc.;0,85;0,59
	758859776;758861823;2048;54182;Axia Connect Limited;3,32;2,64
	758861824;758862079;256;19746;Marshall Municipal Utilities;0;0,39
	758862080;758862335;256;19746;Marshall Municipal Utilities;0,98;0
	758862336;758862591;256;19746;Marshall Municipal Utilities;0,59;0
	758862592;758862847;256;19746;Marshall Municipal Utilities;0,59;0,39

In this sample you can see the ranges in AS33182 HostDime which is a Data Center service, but not currently in use. Similarly with AS18779 EGIHosting, AS23470 ReliableSite, AS46261 QuickPacket. But ranges -, - in AS23470 Reliablesite clearly in hosting use, like - AS60558 Phoenix NAP.

Sample 2:

	758970880;758971135;256;19551;Incapsula Inc;99,61;0
	758971136;758971391;256;19551;Incapsula Inc;99,61;0
	758971392;758972415;1024;19551;Incapsula Inc;0;0
	758972416;758974463;2048;22652;Fibrenoire Inc.;7,89;1,07
	758974464;758975487;1024;22652;Fibrenoire Inc.;6,79;0,2
	758975488;758975743;256;395282;9512128 Canada Inc.;10,35;3,12
	758975744;758975999;256;22652;Fibrenoire Inc.;4,88;3,91
	758976000;758976511;512;22652;Fibrenoire Inc.;8,2;3,32
	758976512;758980607;4096;53828;Network Innovations Inc.;0,66;0,42
	758980608;758981631;1024;11029;Micfo LLC.;0;0
	758981632;758982143;512;9009;M247 Ltd;0;0
	758982144;758982399;256;9009;M247 Ltd;0;0
	758982400;758982655;256;42831;UK Dedicated Servers Limited;0;0
	758982656;758982911;256;42831;UK Dedicated Servers Limited;0;0
	758982912;758983167;256;46261;QuickPacket LLC;0;0
	758983168;758983423;256;46261;QuickPacket LLC;0;0
	758983424;758983679;256;46261;QuickPacket LLC;0;0
	758983680;758984703;1024;11029;Micfo LLC.;0;0
	758984704;758984959;256;47869;Ellada Projects B.V. Trading as Netrouting;20,7;66,41
	758984960;758985215;256;30176;Priority Colo Inc;29,1;53,91
	758985216;758985471;256;46562;Performive LLC;4,1;14,45
	758985472;758985727;256;46562;Performive LLC;7,62;23,83
	758985728;758985983;256;46562;Performive LLC;7,03;32,42
	758986240;758986495;256;46562;Performive LLC;8,98;34,38
	758988800;758989311;512;14237;Beamspeed LLC;0;0
	758989312;758989567;256;14237;Beamspeed LLC;0;0
	758989568;758989823;256;14237;Beamspeed LLC;3,52;2,73
	758989824;758990079;256;22400;Web2Objects LLC;0;0
	758990080;758990335;256;133752;LeaseWeb Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.;0,98;0
	758990336;758990591;256;22400;Web2Objects LLC;0;0
	758990592;758990847;256;36351;SoftLayer Technologies Inc.;0;0
	758990848;758991103;256;22400;Web2Objects LLC;0;0
	758991104;758991359;256;8100;QuadraNet Enterprises LLC;1,37;0
	758991360;758991615;256;22400;Web2Objects LLC;0;0
	758991616;758991871;256;133752;LeaseWeb Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.;0;0
	758991872;758992127;256;133752;LeaseWeb Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.;0,39;0

In this example we can see:
Top two ranges in AS19551 Incapsula fully utilized as hosting, next free.
AS22652 Fibrenoire, residential + business ISP. Ranges are used, we can see up to 8% in web usage.
Data Center ranges, but free now: AS11029 Micfo, AS42831 UK Dedicated, AS46261 QuickPacket.
Range in AS47869 Ellada in DC use (some kind of servers), like in AS30176 Priority Colo and AS46562 Performive.
Ranges in residential and business (or mixed) ISP are characterized by small or medium Index (AS22652 Fibrenoire, AS14237 Beamspeed).
If any ISP also provides DC services (mixed type ISP), they tend to place these services on separate ranges, and these ranges can have a big Index value (like DC range).

PRICE: 3500 USD per year (monthly updates included).