ISP Lists

Represent multiple lists with AS numbers of companies providing Internet access services, as well as other services. Lists are divided into categories:
1. Only Residential (home) Internet Service Provider (ISP)
2. Not Residential (business) ISP
3. Residential and Not Residential (Mixed) ISP
4. Mixed + Hostings services
5. Not Residential + Hostings services

The purpose of these AS is determined from information declared by owner according to public sources.
Lists are created according to the following basic principle: if any organization or network, that is part of an AS, provides certain services, the whole AS get a similar mark.
Thus all ranges are expected to have specified usage or multiple uses. As practice shows, this rule works with the similar grouping in the case of both large and small ISP.

A Not Residential ISP is a provider that provides services to non-home users. As a rule, consumers of these services are commercial organizations of various sizes, from small businesses to corporations. Also, consumers can be: non-profit and government institutions; smaller ISP.

Keep in mind, that any AS (or any range) usage can be whatever an owner wants. Sometimes an owner may not report all types of usage.
For example. Some Residential ISP do not indicate that they work with companies (these are mainly medium or above ISP that are not hindered by anything from providing services to the business). But most Mixed ISP notify about the provision of hosting/datacenter services. Also business ISP quite often used to connect any server infrastructure.

To determine a possible usage of a specific range in ISP AS, providing both Internet access and hosting services, additional solutions are required.

These lists are updated monthly.
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