Hosting List

This list contains Autonomous System (AS) numbers (or ranges - on demand), the purpose of which is stated as Hosting, Colocation, Cloud, all type of servers (Virtual, Dedicated...) and similar. All those sources where there can not be Home or Business Internet user.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Lists

Represent multiple lists with AS numbers of companies providing Internet access services, as well as other services. Lists are divided into categories:
1. Only Residential (home) ISP
2. Not Residential (business) ISP
3. Residential and Not Residential (Mixed) ISP
4. Mixed + Hostings services
5. Not Residential + Hostings services

Violations range statistics

We collect violations for each IP address: abuses, attacks, malwares, spam, public proxies and more. As well as addresses with low reputation and bots. We are offering to you summary on different types of violations for each IPv4 range.

Not Residential Index

The special index, showing range usage for Data Center (servers, hosting, cloud...) purposes. Will help determine ranges for not Residential or common use. Also gives insight into range usage and DC congestion.

Range Type

IPv4 ranges list with range usage description (Internet Access, Data Center, Wireless/Mobile).


All available raw unfiltered data from all registrars. Data is ordered for easy parsing and analysis.

IP Check Service

Dedicated service for checking IP addresses for various violations types.